Release of Standard version 4

(06.04.18/loh) The AquaGAP team is pleased to announce a revised version of the AquaGAP standard, version 4. The updated version, comprising, among others, content and structural changes and adaptations in the following chapters:

Scope: Certification scope adapted to at least 75 % of the production chain from hatching to harvest and processing
Source and quality of stock:New requirements for suppliers of fish stocks
Feed: Exclusion of feed mills from certification scope
Health and welfare: New procedure regarding stocking densities and mortality rates
Monitoring growth and performance: New procedure regarding estimation and calculation of growth performance
Use of chemicals and drugs: Updated list of prohibited drugs and chemicals
Assessment/monitoring of environmental risks: New regulations regarding the procedure of environmental assessment and monitoring
Water management: Updated procedure for monitoring of open net cages
Wildlife and conservation: New requirements regarding escapees, new regulations concerning ecosystems of high sensitivity

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