Why AquaGAP?

An increasing demand for sustainable seafood is currently confronted by restricted supply. The availability of sustainable seafood from fisheries is on the decrease, and it is becoming more and more important to structure the rapid growth in aquaculture and to challenge and implement good management practices.

The AquaGAP label was developed on customer request, with many retailers taking the decision to only source seafood from certified suppliers from 2010 onwards. Immediate action is required to bring farmers and processors, feed companies as well as hatcheries up to the standard of internationally recognized levels.

AquaGAP assures:
The AquaGAP label can be used on the international market and opens a wide range of new possibilities for farms implementing good practices and companies wishing to confirm the high quality of their aquaculture products.

Main objectives

The aim is to bring farming practices to an internationally recognized level and ensure consumer trust in quality seafood products. This programme is not limited to individual species or specific regions. The AquaGAP logo ensures that quality seafood from all regions can be recognised by importers/retailers and most importantly, the final customer. Besides the main focus on improving management practices and ensuring the good health of both the species under production and the surrounding environment, this standard includes aspects of social accountability and food safety. A crucial part of the implementation is complete product traceability, from the farm to the final consumer. Conversion to the use of only quality feed containing fishmeal and fish-oil from recognised sustainable sources, as well as quality larvae/fry from controlled hatcheries must be completed within the first three years of certification.


AquaGAP was developed by IMO in cooperation with the Swiss Bio-Foundation. Today it is owned by the Ecocert IMOswiss AG. After many years of consultation with farmers, NGOs, government organizations and other stakeholders, Good Aquaculture Practices can now be certified for all species worldwide.
A list of AquaGAP certified companies is available on this website.

The AquaGAP Standard

The AquaGAP standard underwent a public consultation process - we thank everyone who took part for their constructive contributions. It is our aim to continue to improve the AquaGAP standard. Please find here the current version of the standard as well as the older versions and the >> documentation of the changes done. You are invited to contribute to the improvement of the AquaGAP certification programme by sending us your feedback via email to info@aquagap.net.

Current version

>> AquaGAP Standard: Version 4, 16. January 2018.
>> Revised stocking densities for Arctic Charr: Version 2. March 2013.

Earlier Versions

>> AquaGAP Standard: Version 3, 13. October 2010. >> AquaGAP Standard: Version 2, 22. July 2009. (Most changes can be found in Chapter 7 “Post Harvest Handling and Processing” and Chapter 8 “Marketing”.)
>> AquaGAP Standard: Version 1, 01. April 2009. (AquaGAP V1 was completed on 01.04.2009, all changes are based on the comments and dialogs we received during the public consultation period on AquaGAP V0.)
>> AquaGAP Standard: Version 0, 31. December 2008.


Currently, there is one active control body for AquaGAP (see list below). Control bodies and individual inspectors/auditors are approved by the standard owner.

Requirements for approval:
In order to apply for approval, please contact aqua@ecocert.com.

Approved control bodies

Ecocert IMOswiss AG
Hafenstrasse 50c
8280 Kreuzlingen
Phone (general): +41 71 626 0 626
Phone (direct): +41 71 626 0 624
Fax: +41 71 626 0 623
Contact: Ecocert IMOswiss AG, aquagap@ecocert.com

Ecocert IMOswiss AG is one of the most experienced international agencies for inspection, certification and quality assurance of aquaculture products. For over 25 years Ecocert IMOswiss AG (former Institute for Marketecology, IMO) has been founded in Switzerland. Acting as a pioneer, IMO has helped drive development in sustainable agricultural practices. As part of the ECOCERT Group, Ecocert IMOswiss AG benefits from a large international network.

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